Oh, thou dreamer !

If you like to juggle ideas and paperweights,
If you can imagine, and chase that imagination till it materializes,
If you get chased by deadlines instead of them chasing you,
we can be your holiday resort.

The can do attitude forms an integral part of our philosophy,
we have a habit of chasing impossible and more often than not,
we end up doing it.
We loathe laziness and we despise fault-finding attitude.
We love pro-activeness and we adore team members who push beyond the defined limits
with their solution finding attitude.

We are laid back,
we sing karaoke and slam poetry,
on weekends we also become stand up comedians,
cracking jokes, sharing stories;
Because we know it's important to keep the fire burning.
We are cool that way.

So hop in for an adventure ride,
learn and grow.
Feel at home.

Current Openings
  • Business Development Officer
  • Junior Graphic Designer
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