The Whedia Logo is not just a logo or a piece of art; it is dynamic statement that no words can make. Breaking it down to the typeface and symbol separately and then the integrity of message, here is what we make of it.

The typeface representation is bold, solid speaking of dependability. The tag line is a simple font style speaking simply of the primary mission but what catches the eye is the period. The period is not a full stop, it is 'the statement' that is being made. It says, building brands, that's it, that is all we do, that is all we see, that is all we know, nothing else, nothing less. It defies the graphical purpose of avoiding punctuations, speaking loud and clear of the defiance in the approach to standard procedures. Spoken like a wild being in a suit.

The symbol however, has a little different meaning to it. At first look, it seems like the sails capturing the energy of winds to move forward. They seem to come out of the confinement of the two dimensions into space. Representing the continuously advances of the institution it makes using the natural energy and understanding of it, the sails stand on parallel lines in the negative space that when joined end to end create a progressive graph or a lightning bolt, pure energetic progression. However, if you look long enough at the symbol, it seems to concave inwards like the canopy of a parasail, another symbolic representation of manipulating natural energy to serve our purpose.

The integrity of the statements made together by the typeface and the symbol speaks of the solid foundation of purpose, commitment and dependability using the understanding of the natural world and energies that flow through it and dynamically innovating to achieve the intended, that's it, period.

There is one element though that was purposefully not spoken of, the title. In particular, the colour choice for an element placed on top of the only lower case letter. Violet is considered the colour of the elite, the top tier over the lower case.

Marketing and subsequent branding requires one to understand the general audience the brand serves, to speak their language to convey the message, to incept the brand in their lifestyle. Whedia offers dynamic strategising for brand marketing with result orientated purpose and a solid foundation of experience and expertise and a promise of innovation.