whedia history
Little did the cowboys of 15th century know,
a process by which they used to distinguish their cows,
by putting a mark of ownership,
would be a key ingredient for success of any organization.

The process is called 'Branding'.

We humans moved from branding cows to caskets of wine to now everything under god's blue sky.


A word so often misinterpreted that busting few myths
seems to be the appropriate way to begin-

It's not your logo, or your design schemes;
It's not how you interact with the world outside your organization;
It's not how you advertise;

It's an experience.
It's your confidence and your passion,
It's a benchmark of your reliability,
It's an identity,
It's how you see yourself,
It's what you want to be,
It's how you are perceived,
it's also how you want to be perceived.

whedia progress
So where exactly is the problem?
Well, this question troubled us,
and we were hell bent on finding a solution.

The quest for finding an answer to this question led us to a series of more complex questions-

  • Are the brands communicating themselves the way they intend to?
  • The path of self-discovery on which the philosophy of any organization is based, is it adequately showcased in front of all stakeholders, internal as well as external?
  • Are we shying away from solving the difficult, time-consuming, and uncomfortable challenges?
  • Do organizations have a soul, why do we identify with some brands so easily?
  • Why is it easier to personify some brands and services, whereas it is impossible to connect to some?
We can't do everything ourselves,
we are social animals,
all our lives,
we are looking for people we can trust,
people who see things the way we do,
people who not only empathize with our perspective,
but add to our pre-existing belief system by adding values, that we value.

When it comes to business, we discovered that we are not that different.

We look for meanings, emotional triggers, some of them we don't know why they exist;
be it a response to a color or
a perspective developed on viewing a certain design style,
we rationalize it all later.

Branding is that pull, we often confuse it to be a push.
But folks, it's a pull.

What we are actually looking for is parts of ourselves,
an extension,
symbols, images, words that just feel right.

Branding is a portal to those possibilities.
In the world of infinite possibilities,
it becomes imperative that organizations achieve their maximum potential by
executing intelligently planned branding strategy.

The magic lies in the IPDAE approach.

Ideate and Imagine

The brainstorming, idea ping-pong sessions lead to a set of ideas designed specifically to handle client's challenges, always exceeding the set benchmark. The team comprises of experts from diverse fields, bringing different ideas to the table. The design and tangibility of the products on offer is kept in mind while designing the blueprint of the project.

Plan and Plot

The blueprint of the project is then discussed with the clients and all the feedbacks are noted.
The iteration is done in the conceptualization as per the discussion, a vision alignment and orientation takes place at this step. We start to feel comfortable in client's shoes by now.

Development and Design

Development and project execution.
Every aspect is paid attention to and utmost care is given to execute the ideas.
Every artwork is brought to life and is given an ability to connect, to communicate.

Apply and Analyze

This is where the product is put to test, and analyzed.
Minor tweaks are done based on the requirements or as pointed by the analysis.

Engage and Empower

The relationship does not end on merely the delivery of the project deliverables, it's just a start.
We endlessly brainstorm and analyze our services and come up with improvisations. We are always just a thought away if any consultation is required on the implemented brand strategy. We become you.


We become an integral part of the organization we add to our family,

we empathize with their viewpoints,

we understand the challenges they face,

identify their strengths,

and come up with innovate solutions for effective brand communication.

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